Invest in your English!

Imagine that you score well on the TOEFL, but your written English is simply incommensurate with your ambitions. You want to go to Yale or Harvard, but your English is far below Yale or Harvard caliber. Nevertheless, imagine that we help you obtain admission. What happens when it comes time to hand in written work… at Harvard? Will you be embarrassed by your English? What will your professors say? Will you even pass the class?

Had we gone ahead and made you appear Harvard-caliber, we would have done a disservice to both you and to Harvard. If we edit your application to the point where your English is no longer reasonably represented, we would in effect help you claim a spot at Harvard that should have gone to someone else—and put you through a world of insecurity, besides.

Your English doesn’t have to be perfect if you’re applying to do a law degree at Harvard or an MBA at Columbia. It just has to be pretty darn good.

Consider investing in your English. Do a language course in Canada or the U.S., hook up with a visiting foreigner at a local university or through a city Facebook group, and commit to a weekly language exchange (many spouses are encountered in just such a fashion). Alternatively, volunteer at a charity or work in an English-speaking country. Most of all, read and write, and have native speakers help correct your work.

The term native speaker is not ‘relative’. The people at Applicant Adviser live in Latin America and we know how devastatingly bad the English of supposedly ‘almost native’ speakers can be. To be safe, stick with actual native speakers when you need to learn or generate documents.

Our commitment to ethical representation means that, if need be, we will encourage you to apply to schools that are more in line with your language capabilities. Whether we take this relatively drastic step, however, will depend on context: the university program you’re shooting for, your background and non-language strengths, among other factors.

The bottom line is that your English matters – invest in it!

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