Get Results from School Applications

Most people consider applying for programs a drag. Literally – a drag on your time, a drag on your spirit, a drag on your concentration, a drag on your organization, a drag…

What you have to ask yourself is, “if the application process is unavoidable, what skills can I develop along the way?”

Well, that depends.

If you’re an obstinate ‘do it yourselfer’ you may learn a little bit during the application process. But if you hire a professional (Applicant Adviser, who else?), you are investing in a process that will you give you three winning outcomes:

  1. You will likely be selected by one or more of your choice schools
  2. You will learn to write more powerfully
  3. You will inevitably learn something about how to position yourself (selling yourself, in the figurative sense). Heck, we think you will learn something about yourself because you will see yourself from a different perspective.

It’s amazing how much people undervalue their own skills, achievements, interests, and experiences. We cite a few examples in our website’s Results section, but there are many more. One applicant had spent more than a year giving law classes online to students in rural parts of her country, where these learners would have otherwise had no access. This candidate forgot to put this detail into her Personal Statement, but we caught it while revising her CV. As we’ve written about before, Anglos (among others) place a high value on altruism. A university selection committee is likely to place volunteer work, good deeds and ambitions to better one’s country on par with personal excellence.

We highlighted the online classes volunteer story, placing it near the top of the candidate’s Personal Statement. She got into a top-five LLM program, and we believe that this little detail made a small but significant difference.

Small but significant differences are what put our clients just above the next applicant at top schools. They are also the sorts of details that, when we bring them to your attention, give you those “ah-ha!” moments or epiphanies. You’ll hear yourself say, “wow, I never thought about my experience like that”. Well we did, and that’s what you hire us to do.

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