The Little Investment that Could Transform Your Life

Application time – a giant ‘switchpoint’ in your life. Get into one school and not another and your life trajectory changes in dramatic ways. Despite what hangs in the balance of an application to graduate school, many tend to think, “I can do it myself” or “it will be more ‘me’ if I take care of it alone”.

Self-reliance is important, but it can also be one of the biggest mistakes early on in life.

The ancient Greeks call it ‘hubris’, or excessive pride, when someone ignores sage counsel offered at little cost. Unfortunately, many of us have reckonings with hubris, especially when we’re young and think we know it all.

What about spending US$250-$1500 to change the course of your life? This is a comparatively tiny amount of money to change your life, much less to study abroad. Yet it could easily be the difference between going to a Stanford University instead of, say, a top second tier university. Stanford ‘sets you up for life’ just by the mere reputation. A top second tier public university puts you into a large pool of high achievers. But it does not open nearly as many doors as a Stanford, an Oxford or a Harvard does.

Consider how seemingly small decisions – or the lack thereof – affect the course of your life. In social science we talk about these sorts of ‘what if…’ propositions as ‘counterfactuals’. Your life is full of counterfactual decisions. When you’re young, however, each decision builds upon the next, exerting huge impact on your future happiness, income, workplace engagement…well, just about everything. We believe that it’s more than worth spending a little money to vastly improve your prospects of getting into the best possible institution or obtaining that critical scholarship…it’s plainly illogical to do otherwise.

One of our clients explains it this way:

“I decided to hire Applicant Adviser because I knew I had a very specific goal. I was willing to make the huge investment required by an LLM program only if I went to one of the T14 [14 best Law schools in the United States ranking]. I also knew that my resume was not sensational enough to get me easily into one of the best. I would have to sell myself really well, which I knew would be difficult: I am a recent graduate, I don’t have anything substantial in my CV, and I work in the public sector, which admission boards seem to find undesirable. As I only wanted the best, I knew I would need help. Therefore, I hired Applicant Adviser to achieve this bold goal. And it worked. My investment in this university application service was worth 100% of my investment in the service.”

Alessandra was accepted by the LLM programs at New York University, Columbia, Northwestern, Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Cornell and Michigan. She soon chose Northwestern University, where she was awarded a scholarship of US$30,000.

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